Monday, July 18

Reminiscences – a letter

Dear Jia

Your reminiscences run in and around my heart and body. There are a lot of them and I sometimes feel that I am incapable of fighting them so I let them be. They float around and make me smile sometimes, but most of the times they make me cry. I miss you. Is it so hard to say in words – yes it is.

The memories, where I listened to your sweet whispers in the night so close to my ears that they still make my heart melt in sheer joy. It’s the pure happiness of having them so close to my heart. My heart used to dance to those words that made no sense. I used to gaze in your eyes to find trace of me there. The memories that make me feel happy. There are many a sad recollections but let’s just give them a pass. It’s no point discussing them and crying.

These reminiscences give me a hope (which is against hope) that someday you might remember me as well and would want to come to my arms. The warm hug to protect you from everything will be there. It was you who always said so, but now I guess it’s my turn. They tell me to live with the hope that someday you might miss me the way I miss you and you will want to come back to me. You will perhaps put in effort to reach me, seek me and help me find my way back to you. Until that eventful day – I free you…

Lots of Love

PS: I miss you like crazy and I do…