Monday, July 11

Lost - 3

Lost -1 and Lost -2  

The miracle didn’t last long though as cancer has its own terms and conditions, and all have to mould accordingly.

It came to be discovered during the second biopsy after six months of her surgery that cancer cells had spread to tissues outside the pelvic region and were found on the liver as well. Doctors discovered shedding. The spread happened really fast and doctors suggested immediate hospitalization for her with regular chemo sessions.

Neil renounced everything to be with her in the hospital during her treatment. He still prayed a lot for her recovery and hoped that one day she will walk out of the hospital holding his hands like they used to earlier. The resurfacing had made Nishi irritable and weak. The nagging pain seemed to increase with each day and became unbearable. Now even his stunning smile did not seem take away her pain. She was falling into depths of hopelessness.

Nishi looked like an old leaf just attached to the tree, waiting for the breeze to come and detach her from her root and take her along. Neil was always there for her at every minute of the day. He had become her life-support to keep her fighting spirits high. She had awaited death every day, begging for the pain to go away. But there she was alive, yet another day to see Neil trying to put up a brave face in front of her.

Her cancer had made Neil a much stronger person than ever. He was no longer the shy, scared and feeble guy who was scared even to speak out to his colleagues. They both knew that she would not survive and still there was this heartbreaking pain when he saw her all the most broken down after each treatment sessions of hers. Her cancer had wreaked havoc in Neil’s life. He had given everything for her.

But today was a different day. She woke up to see his charming smile again making the day wonderful for her and she for the first time in these seven months felt the pain go away. She became the cheerful Nishi all over again, all through the day. They smiled, laughed and cried at everything they could talk about without tiring her too much. They giggled on bitching about the patient on the next bed, who made weird noises in the night.

The day was almost like the ones they used to have when Nishi was healthy. The end of this wonderful day gave Neil a very creepy feel and he did not want Nishi to go off to sleep but she was tired. She wanted to kiss Neil good night before sleeping. It was the most passionate kiss they ever had and Neil started to cry before it was over.

Nishi asked him not to cry and said that she will be fine in a couple of days as she didn’t have any pain today and that told Neil that this was the last kiss they ever had. Nishi closed her eyes and rested her head on Neil’s shoulders. There she whispered some incoherent mumblings and slipped off in her wistful sleep, never to wake up again. Neil held her in his arms till the night lasted and the doctors arrived in the morning to announce her officially gone forever. He stood there with tears flowing uncontrollably.

Neil became Nishi during her illness. She was keep alive in him but somewhere Neil was lost forever with his first love.