Friday, March 12


There is something rotting,
smelling and infected.
The stench is unbearable
there is pus
there is blood
it is gore.
However, there stands
a ticklish funny feeling
about it.
Can gore be funny?
Probably I'm retarded.
The rot smells bad.
I can't find the source
it is quite dark.
Probably the rot is in me
Yes, that's the funny feel
I'm rotten
Don't come close
The rot is contagious...


The thoughts flow fluid
every shape, every form,
every nook and corner.
I guess I'm living with them
but is pretense a part of it?
Apparently, it is.
I live with somebody's pretense,
every day, every moment.
It will be wrong to say
that it hurts.
It simply chokes, the breath
does not come easy.
And I pretend to ignore
the greater pretense
I hate to admit that
and repeat it every time
that I do and I'll
trust you – always -
whether the feeling are one sided.
I lie, I pretend, I fake -
if that's what you believe
than I'm at wrong
all wrong – where it's not worth living
worth fighting for the truth
because the pretense wins.

Saturday, March 6

Horn OK Please

This writeup is dedicated to my 4 hours of daily traveling in bus from home to my workplace. It does not include any of my contribution and is picked up from the tit-bits of conversation that I am able to listen to in mid of the crowd, noise and the blaring FM.

Lets start...

Tune mail dala – Kya bolu – Are lekin har time naya issue ayega – De diya nai de denge bol – Jag utha hai sapna – Ek nayi jindgi – Cover kar do – Maine ise aj tak notice nai kiya – Are ek ghante se bus me baitha hu – Dudh le aye kya – Tu inta jaldi kyo uth gayi – Ja kar jaldi line me lag – Khamoshiya gungunane lagi – Aisa nai bol raha hu – Sirf kam hi kar – Aur kabhi a raha hai – Auro, Auro, Auro, Auro – I won't go there – Na Na – Jane ye kya hua – Mere account me dalwa dena – Address de diya hai, ghar se pick kar lega – Ha N-73 lena – Tumko apna mana hai – E-75 is also good – Tumhare paas adha ghanta nahi hai – Three three – Dus number ka test ho gaya – Wireless is also active – I know, I know, I know – Apki mohabbat ko salaam karte hai, Big FM – Mai kyo jau – Uhumm uhum, Bas utna sa – Pehle frame karo sentence dimag me phir bolo – Hmmm – Ab na koi gham hoga – Less than one – My old company – Pata nahi – Classes hai kya – Rimjhim rimjhim – 8 to 4 hai kya – By that time kuch problem ho jayega – Aur mujhe apke SMS' ane chahiye – Don, saat, athrah, ekontis, tees – Ore manwa tu to bawra hai – tabiyat to thik hai – Ilaz kara lo – Jawani me aise haal – Paise wala – Income tax office me hai – Ha ek ek – Kal milne k ho sakta hai kya – Pregnancy confirm karne ka asan tarika – Office nahio jayege – Sharma's have bought a new house and new car – kya bolu mai – Pichle saal bohot se paap kiye hai usne – Sirf star plus par – Smiley – Kya bola who – Hmmm Hmm – Subject to market risk – Mere paas to ready hai team – Kya bol raha hai – Achcha achcha – Dekh wait kar aa jayega – MBA freshers mil jayenge – Nai pata hai mere ko – Nahi be – Funny lag raha hai – Kyo dikhaye sapne tu sote jagte – Baki sab shahid ho gaye – Yar bada ajeeb sa mehsoos ho raha hai – Bus bada hai na – Like a star – When did you reach – Mai to phukat me kam kar raha hu apke liye – to who bhi confuse ho gaya – Tum pas aye – Yu muskuraye – 20 hazar ka brokerage nikaal lenge – who samajh me aa gaya – Watchman nahi hai – Implementation anhi kar rahe hai – Mumble mumble – Kuch kuch hota hai – Tisra kaha hai – who khada bhi nai hota – Uska margin kam kam rehta hai – Kya nasha is pyar ka – Sahi logic nahi hai – Haan haan – Are Religare ka AVP banda hai – Na jane kaisa ehsaas hai – Humko Kya mila – Ye ishq jane kaise hua – 6 ghante chala – 3 se 5 % - Nifty close hua hai – Abhi join kiya na – Almost killing traffic hai – Download karta hu – Tum dena sath mera o humnawa – Tu de kar aya...

OK that's it – this is a sneak peak of my 40 minutes in the bus – I hope you enjoy it – Chalo bye....

Friday, March 5


I have been thinking about a relationship, or rather looking at them as an outsider. I have tried to understand them and fit myself in that situation. Aditya and Shruti are now together from almost seven months, and during these months they have fought, cried, shared happiness, made love and lived a happy life together. But the contrast is that both of them have had a badly broken relationship before.

Aditya is a mature individual who tries to understand and at times stabilize Shruti as she can be wild when she is angry. She throws tantrum and is stupid in her behavior all the while but she can be cute at times (as Aditya says, because I never find her cute). The discussion here is that they both are mature enough to understand each other but at the same time are immature enough to fight on those silly things.

We remain the same person even if life has shattered. If we start right from ashes than it shows the spark of life is still existent. So why fight on issues like I saw your ex's pictures in your cupboard, I saw your ex's messages that you have kept in written in a diary, why you used to call him/her with this nick name that you address me with now, etc. I think they are too trivial an issue to fight. You remain the same person, your thoughts are same, your smile is same, your emotions are same, your way of loving is same, so why can't the names or nick names be.

I tried to make Shruti see reason. Because she was the one who fought the most on these issues. I hope she understands, I don't want to see my best friends go though mess again. I know if they don't workout, it will not be a mess because they understand the pain but I will lose both of them and I am being really selfish here.

They have made understand one thing; when you love someone you to put your deepest feelings and fears in their hands so there are all the more chances of you getting hurt. But there is the trust of you understanding the will care for it. So, the names and stupid things don't matter guys, what matters is that you love each other. I will love you lots always.