Saturday, August 25

Shades Of Life

The freshness of dewdrops on the leaves - basking in the sunshine - spreading their sparkle - scattering the shades of life.

The tranquil in the arms of a dew drop must be bright to attract the beautiful sun rays and break it down to its essence. The brightness suddenly takes a beautiful turn and grows mellow. The existence of a ray breaks down into zillions of figments of colors and still the light smiles. The amplification of beauty is confusing. I try to understand, why?

It’s me yet again, sipping the shades of life through my eyes. I’m trying to soak in the beauty of this calmness. The overwhelming calmness tightens its grip on my throat and I strangle. There it starts creeping again – the pain. As I stand still with no emotions visible on my face, the pain soon scatters into various frames. The frames show a beautiful me. A girl with innocence in her eyes and sparkle in her smile.

It’s the growing reality in me that the whole of me is encompassed of those various frames to make me. Every bit of pain is every bit of joy and here I stand in totality to see the dewdrops disappear, as they take my pain away.

And now I realize why the sun rays hug the dew drops. They try to understand the reality of beauty and in lieu they give us the shades of life.

PS: This writing is the outcome of a four-liner inspirational poem by a friend. Thanks bud, you made me write this!