Thursday, April 26

I see you

I see you on my window pane every night
Without fail you appear to wish me night
You’re like that tiny spot on a bare white wall
Annoying to the one who’s aware of it
I am the one aware of you – always
You remind me of things I had forgotten to live by
Offer my soul a warmth that I miss
You are in my actions, never to leave
But why you appear only to me
So much is unsaid yet understood
I see you - and the times slip away from my hand
What’s the hurry I ask – and you blink
You disappear with the first ray of sun
Yet I see your breath marks on my window
I am losing myself to you – slipping deep
Like quicksand – you engulf me whole
But it’s not suffocating as I had thought
I am free soul now – I see you eye to eye now.

Let’s Pretend

With all this meaningless banter going in my head, I will pretend that to hear them none. I pretend that I am on a boat sailing towards an island of dreams and genies who will grant me an escapade from these random thoughts.

Those wishes or dreams will grant me the freedom to move away from all this pandemonium, commotion and madness rushing through my head. Let me pretend my boat sails in the deep blue ocean with no one around, noting except blue waters to be seen. I know I will reach the island by midday tomorrow, till then I wait and watch. Nothing stirs the vast blue ocean. It feels as if my boat is sailing in space with no waves touching its body. I can though feel the wetness on my hands. It seems the blue of the ocean has left its mark on my fingers.

I hope the island is a peaceful place, if not I will pretend that I have all the glitz and show off left far behind me. The pretence of the world was too much to handle so I will pretend a life for my own. I know it’s a dream and I will pretend this goes on forever.