Thursday, April 26

I see you

I see you on my window pane every night
Without fail you appear to wish me night
You’re like that tiny spot on a bare white wall
Annoying to the one who’s aware of it
I am the one aware of you – always
You remind me of things I had forgotten to live by
Offer my soul a warmth that I miss
You are in my actions, never to leave
But why you appear only to me
So much is unsaid yet understood
I see you - and the times slip away from my hand
What’s the hurry I ask – and you blink
You disappear with the first ray of sun
Yet I see your breath marks on my window
I am losing myself to you – slipping deep
Like quicksand – you engulf me whole
But it’s not suffocating as I had thought
I am free soul now – I see you eye to eye now.