Wednesday, December 28


My head seems buzzing with zillions of questions. I don’t answers to even single one of them. It’s not that I am not putting in efforts to understand them and get their solutions but it’s simply that I am unable to find any success there. Dilemma would be the right word for my state of mind right now. I am smiling, enjoying every bit of my life in a second and in another am simply thoughtful about something. I’m not even sure about what I am thinking.

A stable life is what I seek but with me, I guess complications come by default. My head spins and reels with these complications and I don’t even know how to seek simplicity. Someone told me it’s in the heart, all solutions lie deep down there. But am I calm enough to seek Inner Peace. Yes, that sounds like Kung-Fu Panda’s dialogue but I think that should help. Inner peace it is.

Now again, how do I seek inner peace? I’m feeling so wobbly with the kick of these thoughts. Just one thought to disperse though, is it really necessary to change yourself to suit someone else’s environment despite of the fact that they love you. I don’t know, all married girls that I have met till now say that they need to make certain adjustments but does not that mean somehow you are killing a very important part of yourself.

It’s me that you had loved, now why the need arises to change my habits and clothes and loud laughs to suit your family. Didn’t you know about them before you fell in love with me? Why change me now? Buzzed again. But this is not really what I am thinking. It’s just a part of it. Inner Peace, Inner Peace.

I hope I achieve it someday. Till then buzzed I am…