Tuesday, February 12

Scars Are Beautiful

Scars are beautiful,
whosoever said so
felt none of the heartbreak
that comes with each.
I'm covered,
prodigal scars aplenty,
showing them off,
like battles won so far
but where's win count
when heart lies dilapidated?

Constant reminder these scars,
never let you heal
Time fades it over years,
but in some - pain remains.
Prodigal scars return,
Black and blue on my body -
Your pain passing through me.
Cuts and blood showing -
Yet I manage strong face.
Movement and thought distorted -
All seems disdained.

Scars are beautiful
say men who give them
'cause how else you justify
the pain your woman sustains.
You thrash and throw -
You hold me by my throat.
You push and I bleed -
You tell me my mistake.
You yell and cut me -
You still act a victim.

Yes, I did call for these scars
It's all my fault
I've given you space,
thought man of a beast.
Scars are beautiful
wish I could slash one open
disfigure your face forever
Then have the courtesy to remain
true to your promise
I'll then agree to each word.
Yes! Scars are beautiful.

Wednesday, September 12

We the Living

Andrei Taganov died. He pulled the trigger at 6.30 in the morning and I cried at his death.

I could see his death coming as he had ensured the safety of Leo and Kira. The calm of decision landed on his face and a smile so serene that I fell in love with him again. He was in love and his smile was the monument of it.

However. Deep in my heart an anguish burnt. I could not understand a simple fact that people who live by the very ideals they believe in – why do they have to die. Why does the immoral world, without any standards and dreams get to kill people who matter? A death that is proclaimed as a heroic act but somewhere it’s a heinous crime in the hands of humanity.

This death was not a sin committed by Andrei by the people who brought him to his knees. People who take joy in breaking people down to their very shreds and then move on to break another. Until when should I lay low and see them kill every one of my kins. My kins in thoughts and soul.

Should I wait for the killers to come to my door some day with a smile on their face and knife hidden under their shirts? A knife that I will never see coming. It will be well veiled under the sweet words of concern and understanding they show. I will break or will I not?

I would like to believe that I am unbreakable. Vulnerable, but unbreakable. Andrei died because he could not fight for his love and beliefs. I can. I will be living for my cause, win each of my fights and move on. I will carry Andrei forward with Kira and Leo.

PS: Andrei Taganov is a character from We the Living by Ayn Rand

Monday, August 6

Finding Oasis

It’s always about finding our oasis
Oasis called home
Filled with love and laughter
We fight wars, and move on
Lives go on to find that solace
Where I rest from the scorching sun

Sun burning our backs and faces –
Thirst popping up at unexpected times –
Shadows of ghastly nights
Obscuring me from wrath
Fire of sun and my angst
Searching my oasis of love

Someday, I will find my oasis
And I won’t have to move on...

Wednesday, February 14

Time & Life

At the mercy of time
I spent my days running
Dictated by a watch’s hand
Wishing for a poet’s day
I get older by the minute
Hoping for hopes of after years
Losing the life in my hand

I live on handouts of time
A life that by no means is mine
Second-hand me in first hand time

Pic Courtesy: Awais Kazi

Wednesday, January 10

Simply Simple

When our knives were blunt
And no one stabbed in the backs
When hearts were sweeter
And no one had that mouth
When pinkies were promises
And not meant to be broken
When fingers were to hold on
And not to showcase
When hearts were blessed
And no one stole my joys
Come back my life that was simply simple

And no knives were so sharp

Wednesday, November 29

सोफिस्टिकेटेड कैफ़े

वो चाय के जाने पहचाने अड्डे,
जहां खुशनुमा बातें थी-
आधी रातों का सफर-
भीगे मौसम की राहत-
प्रेमियों की मुलाकातें थी.

अब उन गलियों में सोफिस्टिकेटेड कैफ़े है.
जहां चुस्कियों के बजाये सिप्स है-
गुफ्तगू क बजाये कन्वर्सेशन है-
छुपने छुपाने के बजाए डेट्स है-
महंगे कप्स में सस्ते मज़े है.

वक़्त के साथ छोटी खुशियां गयी,
चाय के अड्डों से कैफ़े कप्स में बस चली
नुक्कड़ से खुशियां निकली -
फैशन स्टेटमेंट की गली.

Monday, November 6

Talent Crunch & Sectors most affected by it in India

Despite the number of job openings across all sectors, Indian companies are finding it harder to fill mission-critical positions to due to severe lack of talent. It is becoming more and more difficult to find a suitable person to fill in positions in all the sectors starting from e-commerce, R&D, sales, IT, Outsourcing industries to even the government bodies like; the Indian healthcare system and the Indian diamond processing industry. The companies are willing to pay boosting wages, however, the skill shortage has led to a vacuum in the companies.

India Inc, as a whole, is experiencing explosive growth but finding the correct manpower is becoming a hurdle in the path of this growth. The main reasons for talent crunch in India are suggested to be lack of talent availability and high level of attrition. Companies across the globe are looking at India as the source of cheap and abundant labour force creating unprecedented demand for workers with the right leadership and technical skills giving them the opportunities to work abroad. This, in turn, is affecting our domestic growth as the lack of skilled workforce has fuelled an explosion in wages, especially in tech and outsourcing sectors.

Most of the recruiters find it very challenging to find talent with relevant experience who fit in the rigid job requirement category. Business standard research for the e-commerce industry says that some of the top executives are spending over 40% work hours on recruitment. It is also mentioned that firms like FutureBazaar have to go through interviewing over 150 software engineer candidates to hire one that suits the bill. It is observed that finding man-power with relevant internet experience is growing to be a major challenge.

The Indian Outsourcing industry is facing a grave threat of attrition along with the shortage of skilled and educated workers. The attrition rate has seen a phenomenal increase of 55%, of which there is a significant relocating occurring in the mid and senior management levels. However, it is also observed that Indian organizations are adopting a global way of working, which in turn has made them more competitive and has changed the pattern of work and skill set required for a certain job role. This has created a serious gap of knowledge, information and skills amongst the workforce already in place in these industries.

The sixth annual talent shortage survey by global human resource, consultancy and staffing firm Manpower Group claimed that 67% of the employers are struggling to attain the critical-level hiring target. In India, Talent scarcity is increasing and the reason behind the same is considered to be the lack of skill set required for a certain leadership role. Across companies, positions for research and development, sales manager and IT staff are found to be facing maximum difficulty while recruiting. Whereas, the 5th report had suggested that the industry faced lack of talent in cleaners, domestic staff, insurance segment, including qualified brokers, technicians, customer service representatives, customer support and quality controllers.