Thursday, April 28


It was vague feeling that crept up in her heart as she sat up gazing at the stars. Was it the correct thing to do? Was she the only one going through that feeling? Was she the only one troubled?

Why was Rajni so reluctant to accept the fact that things turn out that way and it was not only she who was undergoing this feeling? Life had taken a double dip and had thrown her at a point where she has only to obey and not contradict. She had grown up to rule not to be ruled by. How was she to understand this?

Happiness, at times, can be so relative and can be based on someone’s perception of the scenario. She was happy but sad at the same time. She was getting everything she had always asked for in life, then where did the trouble lie. She was home. She had always wanted to be home, but why did she feel annoyed when her mother asked her to dress properly or her father told her to be back before dark.

Rajni wanted to shout back that she is grown up enough and she understands her responsibilities, but did she? Or was the fault of her parents who were trying to model her up as their child after a gap of 25 years. Did they not realize that 25 years is a long enough time to have been conditioned, shaped and toned to a life in different world?

Moral obligations did hurt. She did not understand whether she should comply with them or break free. Breaking free seemed an easier way out but she was adept to choosing tough. Why now did she feel like running away? Why now did she feel like giving away? Was it really home that she wanted or had she gotten used to the spontaneous and lone life she was living?

The stars did remind her that fighting has been the part of her life so she has carry on with the tough choice and yes she will find happiness in what she had been seeking for this long.