Friday, July 8

Lost -2

They enjoyed every bit of their togetherness with hidden gazes at each other, stolen kisses in the office elevator, there small walks from the office till the metro station, small texts throughout the day and many more such gestures. In these many days of togetherness, Nishi had gradually helped him get over his shyness to a large extent. He would now pick on Nishi every time they would be alone. Even amongst people, he started to gel well in the crowd.

All fairy tales shattered when it was not even eight months of their being together, and the realization seeped in that Neil will never be able to live together forever with Nishi. They were destined to separate soon as the dark clutches of cancer had gotten hold of Nishi. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in its third stage, having invaded over her other organs, fallopian tubes and uterus too. First opinions declared that she had a little more than six months to live.

An ignored cyst had grown up to be cancerous, making it almost an impossible case of recovery. They consulted a couple of other doctors who showed them a ray of hope in the faltering life of Nishi as they said that even in the third stage it can be treated if there was no shedding* of cancer cells . She was immediately put on treatment regime. Doctors suggested surgical removal of cancer and debulking** (if required), as they found that it had spread through the pelvic region as well.

Nishi started her treatment sessions. The chemo sessions made her loose all her curly tresses that Neil was madly in love with. She had lost so much of weight and looked so fragile, almost transparent in the pale pink gown. She would stare out of the window at the gloomy rainy sky and wait. She had stopped looking into his beautiful eyes that would mesmerize her before. Now Nishi thought that her illness has trapped Neil and he is stuck with her during the worst of her phases.

However, Neil’s prayers of healing Nishi were heard. She started to show some stability with the medications. She underwent the surgery and the doctors told her that she was cured but she will have to continue with regular medications and chemo sessions for another couple of years to avoid resurfacing. The third stage of cancer being treated was a miracle to happen and they were very happy.

Everyone thanked God for the miracle.

*Shedding - Cancer cells can shed (break off) from the main ovarian tumor. Shedding into the abdomen may lead to new tumors forming on the surface of nearby organs and tissues.

**Debulking - If the cancer has spread, the surgeon removes as much cancer as possible. This is called "debulking" surgery.