Thursday, July 7


Nishi had fallen madly in love with Neil. How and when all were questions that none of the two could answer.

Neil was the typically the shy sort of guy who would never speak to even boys, forget girls. Nishi was the loudest mouth around and even her whispers would travel to the farthest corners of the room. He would generally murmur responses in answers and would gaze down while talking to people. She would keep asking him again and again the same thing as she was unable to hear him most of the times. Sometimes, it was done intentionally to beleaguer him.

Nishi started pestering him thinking she might help him get over the fear of facing people. He would never speak up for himself if he did not learn it now. When asked to speak loudly, Neil would just give a big dazzling grin, mesmerize Nishi and take his eyes off to other places. His childlike smile could melt even the hardest of stones. Nishi had started falling for him and she did not realize. She started noting his small scar near the eyes that made his smile look all the more mischievous and adorable, all at once.

Neil would stare at her when she was busy her chores and not paying attention to him. She was in the habit of looking into people’s eyes while talking to them but his eyes would make her forget everything and just gap at him. She just could not speak to him and on occasions of work related briefings, she had just got muffed up with the whole thing. She felt her heart jump out in excitement. She felt she was re-living her school days all over again.

However much Neil tried to ensure that Nishi never could know how he felt for her but she had learnt to read his stares with the corner of his eyes and smile on his own little achievement of being able to see her without anyone noticing it. But fate had to intervene and make things take another turn. So, one fine day they spoke to each other accidentally outside work about their choices and other general talks, and since then they continued talking.

Somewhere between these small talks, Neil opened up with Nishi like a book and started telling her about everything he went through as a child. She got to know the scared child hiding behind his innocent and infectious smile, the tears hidden beneath the big lashes of his beautiful eyes and the golden heart in him. By now fate had done its work and Neil & Nishi were too much in love with each other.