Monday, June 6


Tears creep out the corners of your eyes
Why does my heart feel moist and numb?
Can the relation be explained in words,
Without any other complications creeping in?
The shadows pass by us around the corner
Is it the shadows of some mortal ‘cause
It looks as if the ghost of love.
‘Cause I don’t believe what love is or what it was
Did it get washed away in your creepy tears
Was it worth a relation of love for a few seconds
To counter it for an eternity of life full of pain.


  1. Love is never a weakness...its always an immortal strength....a moral support which propels ones existence for one to understand the value of happiness nature has its own way of depicting it by means of giving you a pinch of pain so ones curious and ever comapring mindset can do the comparing and in real terms FEEL is LOVE....which one may admit that when its happiness it does wash away all the barren feeling of pain and comes as what raindrops mean to soil after a parched summer !

  2. YES IT IS!!!

    Sometime you should read it know it