Wednesday, August 10


Rajesh walked out of the door and left behind Mina to cry her eyes out alone.

They were breaking up their 8 year long relationship. Was it her fault alone that lead to this end? She spread her hands to reach out to him but to no avail. He was nowhere in the hearing distance to listen to her cries when she yelled out his name. She felt her words hung up in the air. The looks around tell her that she spoke but there's no reply to any word she uttered.

Was she losing touch with reality? What’s right and what’s wrong is not conceivable. She just hoped for happiness and not this feel of pain pushing her to numbness forever. There are no colors left in life. The surroundings are all dark and something just pierced deep into her heart. She walked upon a broken pane barefoot and now she bleeds.

What went wrong? She bared her soul to him. She bared her heart. He saw her beautiful smile, her tinkling laughter and her warm sunshine, and then he stole it all away. Where was she standing? She had tried to say goodbye to his memories but they grow up on her. They entangle her more and more as she struggles to get out of them.

Why is heart so ruthless to fall wherever it sees even an ounce of affection mistaking it to be love and ending in so much of pain? Why it has to fight with the head and win over it with some stupid puppy dog eyed expressions? The pink heart shaped glasses make everything appear so lovey-dovey and end everything in red.

She had learnt now to keep her heart chained and never love anyone nor feel loved. But she will walk back someday to just see what went wrong and where. Will this journey end? Now, she walks barefoot in the dark to find answers to her quest. Will the dark ever let her reach them?