Wednesday, August 24


Love is one helluva confusing thing… Am yet not sure of it…I know it’s too early too decide on that…I have learnt a lot but still am not able to decide on a certain fact that who is it that I should really trust. Parents – when they have made a lot of wrong choices for me or me who has wronged but it is still me who is to blame… it is me who is to blame for a certain happenings in my life. I don’t believe in platonic love. Every where it is either physical or some other reason.

There are no more tears – they have dried up. One is never alone but there so many insecurities that one can’t deal with. But why are they there?? There has to be an answer to all of it. I am in love but with whom or what? Am happy and sad at the same time but there is no apparent reason for it.

I am scared but I do not acknowledge that fact. Is it the mere insecurities or is it the way I have been brought up. Is it the learnings that I had? Where I am lost? Still stuck in so many questions. I am stuck with so many questions, but is there someone to answer them?

Can someone really bear the others tantrums for life just because they love that person? Someone said that I am not fit for marriage. Is it really a fact? If it is true then why am I left at the threshold?