Wednesday, August 24

Nameless Thoughts

Almost the whole of August passed by without me doing anything very creative despite the fact that I had been confined to bed most of the times with my fractured leg. Nothing came out of my head in the duration. Probably that’s what it is called being hurt in head…

Kidding ya

So, am just feeling good to put down these nameless and wordless thoughts on a blank page of Microsoft Word, which might later get published on my blog. Have we not lost touch to the world of writing diaries and hiding it from our Moms as they would think it to be the only way to understand their kids or whatever the reason. Now we can lock our laptops and even can keep our diaries, which are on various formats of Microsoft Office and other places, encrypted to avoid their detection.

Life has started to make sense and not make sense at the same time. With the healing leg, there might be another bunch of surprises for my people back at home. No am not getting married or anything – mine will be a good surprise.

I really don’t have anything as such to write with the pitter patter of thoughts knocking my head off. I am probably in shut down mode write now – saving all the data for may be future use. Maybe I am saving my data for future references too… good bye for now folks…