Wednesday, August 11

Travel through spaces

I have finally left Mumbai and it is a feeling that I cannot describe in words. I’m happy to go home to my family after long; on the other hand I’m feeling at loss to leave the city of dreams. The city is a part of me and has imbibed its qualities in me. The city flows in my bloodstream. I left Mumbai on the 3rd of August. The start of journey was a little “not happening” as the train started 3.5 hours late from the destination. I had enough of time to venture through the streets of Chembur, visit Udipi restaurant, Barista coffee shop and roam around the parks in rain. My plan to meet somebody was foiled due to the train delay and I missed it. I believe we shall meet some other day in near future.

Finally, the train left and the sinking feeling settled in my gut. I felt as if I’m leaving a very important part of me in the city. I love the place despite the good, bad and ugly situations faced by me here. It taught me to be strong and get over so many inhibitions. It made me understand that every person is special and they have their set of issues. It taught me to be a fighter in all the adversities. I loved every minute of my life in there.

If I would have believed in destiny then I would have surely said that if I’m destined to come back to Mumbai I will, for sure. However, in this situation, wherein I don’t believe in destiny - I will say that if the city needs me then it will call me back, or else, I will go wherever life takes me along its way. I am proud to have taken the decision to leave the city and not be a part of the race, though the race is in me and will be with forever. I love to run – in competition with nobody but me. How can one escape the race, you will have to stop dead. There will not be any motivation to sustain you. How can one live without any competition to thrive their existence.

I will find myself with some more food for thought...till then wait for another write-up honey....