Tuesday, August 31

Rain drops

I see the rain drops
From my windows
They fall on the open petals
The lips hold them and mine
The drops fall on my heart
As first drops on mud
The feel is refreshing
It’s blissful to bathe in rain
Each drop heals the pain
The flowers are cheerful
My lips are quenched
I see the rain drops smile


  1. Thnks Ashi....i dedicated this to someone special...u kno who rite...if not then get lost :)

  2. To me Thank You Thank You Thank you :P

    I always knew you felt something for me.. :P

    Don't feel embarrassed .. after all I am so smart, handsome, talented charming etc :P

    Tumhe to flat hona heen tha :P

    But too bad I am committed.. I am sorry. :P

  3. Now don't deny it.. I know u wrote it for me.. Silly You