Thursday, August 12

Marriage Gyaan

Well, marriage is an interesting topic of discussion for people in India. It is considered to be the most essential part of Hindu life aka “Grihasta Dharma”. It is one of the ways, following which a person opens the gates of heaven for himself. A girl of marriageable age is the matter of concern not only for the family but for the idle relatives and family friends as well. Even if the parents do not want the girl to get married so soon (at the age of 22-23) relatives will coax them to hell and will ask them to find a suitable groom for the girl as she won’t get any good guys if she gets older.

A few points/Gyaan that I have been preached about marriage (as I’m so anti-marriage for me) are:

  • It is the conjugation of two souls and is made by God himself (as if He does not have anything else to do-Please ask Him to stop terrorism instead of making matrimonial matches).
  • Your life partner creates ways for you for a better life for both of you (I never understood this point though, so, kindly do not ask what it means).
  • You will remain alone for the whole of life and there will not be anyone to take care of you in adverse situations.
  • People mentioned this point very subtly – So I’m putting it their way with my explanation included. After a certain point in time, people start to feel alone and they start to feel the need (Carnal desires taking over your sense of morality) of a partner in their life.
  • It is a legal way to bear children and continue your generation.

Ok. Now that I do not see myself prepared for marriage anywhere in near future, I do not understand the reason why my family keeps pestering (no offence) me for the same. As per me, marriage is a very sacred institution and people should step into it with complete sense of responsibility. It should not be done under any moral obligations or pressure or emotional blackmail or any other similar stupid reasoning. I call them stupid, as they do not seem correct according to any parameters.

Forget that, I wanted to say that I do not intend to become an exhibition sample for anybody to come scrutinize me, saying that I’m dark, I’m too tall for the guy, I have a tattoo, I’ll have to work after marriage (compulsorily; I mean it’s my life and I should have the right to decide if I intend to work or not), and many more reasons. They will come have a look, talk for some time, leave and then will reject me for all Godforsaken reasons. The reason will not even make sense. Moreover, I would be rejected because even if the guy looks like BS, they would want a milky white girl with average features and she should be working. What the hell do they want, a robot?

Well, I’m not against the institution, but I believe it’s a little too early for me. I even don’t know whether I believe in arrange marriages or not and I’ve my set of reasons for that. Let’s hope by the time this showcasing of me gets over, I probably am prepared to get married and live happily ever after.