Tuesday, August 31


I see a dragonfly hover over the dry twigs in my backyard. The twigs fallen from the small shrub that will shed its leaves with the advent of winter (which is not very far now in the north-eastern part of India). The dragonfly finds a suitable place to settle down. Its glossy brown wings match the exact color of the background of earth and twigs to camouflage its body and to save it from being eaten by the possible predators.

There are also a few butterflies fluttering amidst the flowers – mostly in duos, probably it’s their breeding season. They appear in so many brilliant hues of black, blue, yellow, white and what not. The butterflies hang around each other to appeal their mates and seek a chance of union with them. The planet grows and this is the season of growth. There is love in the air and beauty lies at the horizon for everyone to admire.

New leaves are sprouting on the mango trees in my yard. Their pinkish-greenish hue imparts such an incredible look. The retreating rains are the season of growth and reproduction for almost all plants and animals. The environment is abuzz with life and beauty. Even death is beautiful, sometimes. The fading yellow leaves in another plant contrast well with the blossoming soft new petals and leaves.

The nullah (rivulet) behind my house shows the transforming clouds on the blue background. Gaze at the shifting shapes and you will feel a sense of motion inside you. They drift your soul off to a new and splendid world altogether. There are many shapes created and smudged in minutes by the almighty wind.

I come back to reality and look for the dragonfly, but it is gone. Perhaps, it has found its mate and has gone to create a new universe for them.

I’m blessed with the leisure of being able to observe them, appreciate them and love them. The leisure to even have a glance at them is rare. I’m lucky.