Monday, May 17

My second first day at work

Its an amazing feeling to come back to work from office. For these many days (almost two months), I have been working from home due to all nonsense reasons. So, when I reached office today, it actually felt like some sort of celebration. People sharing their good news with me and we laughing and talking, and call from boss that we are talking too much and should work for some time now. It was fun.

I missed my workplace – sounds weird isn't it? But that's true – I really missed everything except the temperature outside in Mumbai. This place is smothering me with the heat, after coming from a cool hilly region. Whatever, one of my colleagues had a baby girl, the other got engaged and is getting married next week, another guy got admissions in his dream college for a part-time MBA, and many more such news.

I am very happy to back to work and routine life. Good and lots of food and a brilliant lifestyle. More in the next write-up.