Saturday, May 29

After-Life (My first attempt at fiction)

I read Sakhi's Blog ( on After-Life and I wanted to write something on the topic...So here it goes....

You were drunk that night – probably for the first time you were that high – or it was I who had seen you in that inebriated state for the first time. Nonetheless, we both knew it was our last night together as a couple, hence, we both were sort of crying, laughing, and telling each other how much we will miss each other's presence in our lives. And then you asked – Do you believe in after-life?

It was sort of a mutual break-up. Whatever, that term really means – I do not believe in mercy killing. Death anyways is death – and by no means can it enjoyable for a hale and hearty person. I simply asked you - why was it that us happened in the first place? There was nothing common between us. Nothing to link us, nothing to talk about, nothing to even be physically attracted towards each other. I mean, yes you look good, and you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, but I had not even noticed that prior to when we started talking.

One fine day, I spoke to you and then we started to talk and talk and talk. And then I told you that I am scared for the first time in my life that I will fall in love with you. I do not even remember that, you told me that I said that in my sleep. I had stated observing, your soft molten honey colored eyes, your sweet spoken nature despite the intimidating looks, your lips that always remind me of mangoes (no clue why), the curly hair on your chest, the way you looked on your birthday, and so many things about you.

When it grew into we confessing our love to each other, it came so effortlessly and none of us realized that we were in love. And, how soon the time flew past making us understand that we want very different things from life – or do we? I am still not sure on that part – but let's see what is in store for us. That night when you asked me about my belief in after-life – I flatly said that I do not. But, how wished there was an after-life that I could spend with you, for you, for us and our life. Our child, our home, our room, our car, our time, our love...Spare all that me and you, only for each other.

We still love each other so much that we dread that we will shatter each others dreams and we will have to compromise with each other. But, love is always about it. Not really compromise but yes adjustments, accommodating, sharing our personal space. I wish I could make you see these things. Trust me, I never want to come between you and your perfect life, I only wish I could be a part of that life.

And I do not believe in After-Life...