Monday, May 3

Encounter with a Slitherer

Saturday evening was rather eventful for me and my family.

There is a Gayatri Sang in my area that conducts Gayatri Puja every Saturday, so we had gone there. By the time we returned back, it was dark and my gate is a little complicated to open so it took me say around 10 seconds to open it. In the meanwhile, a snake was lying near my head on the fence at a close distance of around one hand span. However, we did not notice it and came in to find the front door locked. So, we had to return back to the road. I was standing there and my mom was behind me, this time she had to close the gate. She saw some shiny black object over our bamboo fence and she got scared. Then we noticed a long black and grey snake slithering over the fence.

We were sort of scared because by this time we came to know that it was poisonous and could jump and bite us. My sister went crazy to take pictures of that snake. Apparently, she is obsessed with that species, but the door was still locked so we could not go in. By then dad came with the keys and we managed to get inside the house and the snake saga was forgotten.

Inside the house, we were watching the movie Serendipity on TV. So, dad got bored of the English flick and went into the kitchen to see what mom was cooking for dinner. In the mid-way falls the dining hall and there are some other things kept over the table. There, my dad saw something hissing on him and he was shocked to see the same snake, from the fence, inside the house.

We now noticed that the snake was around two meters long and had a jet black tongue. The body of the snake was pure grey with black spots over its body, as one can see them in the images uploaded. The snake was so powerful, that it was supporting its whole body weight on its thin tail while we were trying to push it out of the house.

However, after a struggle of around 15 minutes, we threw the snake out of the house. I felt then that my dad was the best billiard player I have ever seen; by his way of shooting the snake out of the window. The snake fell on the ground out of our house and it slithered under my house (as it stands on stilts) and was trying to get inside my house again through the kitchen floor. There are gaps between the wooden panels in our floor and the snake was sort of trying to slip inside the house through it.

I believe that the snake must be living under my house for quite some time now, as it seemed to know every hole in our floor and how to get through it. It showed up because my sister had been chanting since ages that she wanted to shoot a snake. We have a fair collection of snakes under our house but apparently they are rarely visible. I myself have seen them (all various varieties) only four times in my 11 years of stay in this house, that too when I desperately wanted to see them. So, I don’t know, maybe they are the guardian of this house or something of that sort…

So, I finish on the note that, he probably came to give his blessing to both of us, me and my sister.