Saturday, May 29

Happy realization

These many days (precisely 7 days) of struggling with myself and my weird thoughts, I finally won. I realized that more you fight with yourself more you push yourself towards defeat. You should accept the fate as it is. Things will happen as God has planned and trust me you can't do much about it. So, finally am happy today, after long seven days of severe depression. If, I have to lose something or somebody then it just that something better is going to happen. It has always happened with me, so , I should not be worried at all.

This is not at all to make myself feel better, but it has always happened. Every time I had been low or have felt a little subdued, I have got something better to cherish. Be it people, be it work, be it any other thing. I guess, I am His special child, who He can't afford to see sad. So, here He strengthened my faith in Him again. I love you my Father and I trust you for everything.

Realization finally came. I have been feeling so stupid and at loss for doing things I ought not. Temper is something that I really need to control and secondly I have to be a little rock solid to avoid falling in situations like last week. I love myself (Narcissist), OK whatever you call me, I will be what I am – always.