Thursday, September 10

Reality comes to you like a deep breath

I was just thinking about the office romances budding up these days. We fall for such kind of relationships despite of understanding its nuances in whole. The worst form of office romances are when one or both of the partners are married outside of their office relation.

However, the main issue is why do these situations arrive?

I have my own reasons for them – and not one or two but three... So let’s discuss the first one out:

Since majority of us work in private firms these days so spending over 9 hours in office is getting common. Nine hours of shift timings and at times the Over Time or learning’s (as some people prefer calling it). However, more time we spend at work more we become engrossed onto it. I like, rather love my work, and enjoy being in the office, but I do have a life outside work as well. Ok, I used to have – but now I have become so damn useless and worthless that I read books like P.S. I Love You to kill my time. Whatever, this post is not about me so lets get back to our discussion.

Spending so much of time in an organization, full of attractive opposite sex, all smart looking intelligent people – it’s human to get attracted towards them. Beginning of any romance is based on how much time do you actually spend with each other. So the first step is taken.

When you are working in a certain environment – you tend to understand the problems and scenarios faced by the people around you. You start to share your issues with them – you start to hear them out- vent out their frustration on their boss or a particular occurrence – and here starts the building of soft corner in your heart for them.

Human is meant to be emotional – and with the emotional tie ups and bonding taught to us since birth – we tend to get emotionally attached to the person who shares our emotional burden and hears us out in distraught situations. And the second step is taken.

The person on the usual basis goes home – spends his/her time in front of the television or in the kitchen. Spouses start speaking less to each other as they have their guilt may be or they might start missing their office fling. People start bringing their projects home so as to invest their time in their work. This is the start of lack of communication at home. People tend to forget to ask a simple question - “How was your day honey?” A small question - that conveys all the affection – loses all its essence. And the third step is taken.

However, when theses virtual relations leak to the break-up of real relations - when you are alone – and the emotions are shattered – then reality strikes on your face. People realize what thave they lost and what have they gained in these phases of non communication with their family

Howsoever, reality comes as a deep breath