Saturday, September 26

The Sunrise

To begin with, I would want to clarify that the below mentioned anecdote is a dream, hence the beauty. Also, it is not my dream and I would not want to disclose the name of the person in the dream with me (primarily because it is your dream), not because I do not want others to know but because I do not want them to think. And I am sure you will agree to that fact that the kind of thinking I am referring to will make the content lose its essence…

Let’s begin…

It was an amazing sunrise, on one the most majestic beaches, where the soft golden sand and the gentle waves were caressing each other. The colorful beach somehow seemed a little unearthly and unblemished. The vast and sparkling blue water spread across till the eyes could see. The beach was empty save two people; me and you – walking hand in hand on the freshly powdered beach, completely oblivious to the surroundings but completely engrossed in each other at the same time.

I was walking holding your left hand (so unlike me – right?) with fingers entwined in yours and was holding my slippers in my left hand. The grip of your fingers around mine was firm yet so comforting and positive. It said that you will be there for me 'always'. You reminded me of a quote that said “The spaces between your fingers were created so that mine could fill them in.” And, I smiled at it, because you never came across to me as a person who could romanticize on small gestures. For that matter, you were perceived as an impervious, intimidating bully.

You dreamt of me wearing an angelic white wavy satin dress. The knee length dress was dancing with the breeze blending perfectly with the sky getting brighter with every passing moment. The moments seemed to elapse so quickly, and we so much wished that it stayed still. The small sparkling diamond studs in my ears glittered as the sunrays flirted with them. The diamonds smiled brightly as her beloved sunray touched her body, passing through it as a monochrome and emerging as a rainbow in all its beautiful colors. The refracted rays were playing around, creating different colorful shapes on my face.

The hint of kohl in my eyes gave it a brighter, vainer look and helped the emotions to appear clearly in them. The open hair of mine fluttered with the wind and kissed my cheeks so as to make you notice them. The pink of my lips was so brilliant that it almost wanted to give out my secret of the beautiful lingering feeling of the previous night spent with you.

You were wearing an ice blue shirt with half sleeves and blue denim that was folded up till the knees (pretty unlike you – right?). The alluring and enticing smell of your perfume hung around us, giving me all the reasons to smile and think of things associated with you. We wanted to speak about so many things but the serenity and the calm of the moment was so beautiful that we both let the tranquility seize us, lest we disturb the flow of thoughts. We could understand each others' thoughts so well even without the help of words.

I turned back to see how far we have walked and I could see the footprints of both of us on the sand as far as my eyes could see. Your prints were a little larger than mine and the spacing between them was also a little greater than mine. But somehow the steps seemed very close to my heart, as if we have been treading on the path inside it. The walk on that stretch of beach was splendid. The sun was making a halo around my head and I was a perfect blend with the sea behind. I looked as if I was some angel descended from the heaven just for you. I was looking so ethereal on the breathtaking beach, holding your hands.

And you woke up with the beep of your alarm ringing beside your ears…