Thursday, September 10

Your explanation of a bear hug I received

The warmth of bear hug can be felt when it runs all across your veins. A hug usually tells you almost everything you think about that person, the emotions are transferred without a single word being spoken.

A hug was given to me by my friend yesterday (September 2) and I would like to explain it for him.

The hug was scintillating – a kiss planted on my cheek after that was similar to a cherry on top. The hug said – I want to tell you so many things but words fail me. The words fail to suffice the feelings of the emotion (or vice versa) I’ve in my heart for you.

The voice was quivering because I could not gather myself to speak so I asked you how you felt. I thought may be you will be able to voice out my thoughts. But, you are stone – trust me you are. It seems you don’t feel anything but that’s not possible. I have given all my emotion in that particular hug and the lift. I just wanted to feel your presence. Around me, with me for sometime. Did I ask for something that I should not have?

I don’t know girl, but I wish I could tell you what the small moments spend with you mean to me. I get a fresh feel, a new energy to work for a new day when you are around. The small caress you do, the small touch of your hands on my cheek mean a lot.

I work with a relaxed mind when you are around. I wish I could make you understand what that means to me…