Saturday, August 22


The rains were pouring that day….pouring cats and dogs…and I so much wanted to get soaked till my soul. And stand on some lone bridge and sing loudly “I’m with you…”

Am not that lucky to sing but yes I got drenched. I took a bus to my friend’s place that evening, and by the time I reached his place it had started to rain again. Ok raining would be an understatement – it had started to pour again. I took my friend along with me and walked across the place round and round and round and round for almost four hours.

For a brief period of time I was happy and I would tell my friend that how much it means to me to have friends like him. Gave him a rose to express what was I thinking (Yellow rose of course since he was a friend), had a scoop of my favorite black currant ice cream, walked across the roads dancing and singing loudly. I was scared that he’ll disown me (Ok, this is my fav dialogue – that if somebody does something embarrassing in public, we immediately announce that we do not know that person – that is of course not serious – but we still do it).

Ya, coming back to point, so for a period I was happy and the next moment the rain brought all dreary thoughts, grey like the clouds, in me. They emphasized the sad thoughts, enveloping me and making me burst like them. I did burst open, cried like crazy – but rain helped and nobody knew or noticed that I was crying in public. Lucky me huh….

That particular time I remembered almost all my gloomy thoughts and memories that are usually hidden in some treasured chest. The person beside me –my friend let me cry - he did not ask me why – did not wipe my tears – just kept holding my hands while we were walking. He kept listening to everything that I had to speak about.

This memory of mine just makes me feel so happy and lucky about self that I’ve such amazing set of friends.

Guys this should have been said on the “FRIENDSHIP’S DAY” but every day is special so “thanks for being a part of my life – luv you lots.”