Thursday, June 6

Let me let go of your eyes

Some emotions just seem to engulf your entire existence; still they leave you unfazed with so many mysteries that complete them. I see the swarming questions and emotions in your eyes. I know they seem to ask a lot more than your mere words convey. It’s beyond my understanding of your need to utter them. I know you are scared and so am I. I wish things were a little simpler but have I not myself, made it so complex. I am scared of your questions and your overtly conveying eyes. There are times when I feel to simply bask in the love they ooze but that’s again not mine to ask for.

A life with you is endearing and a life without you will go on. You ask me whether I will miss you when you are gone. Don’t you know it for yourself? Is it too much to ask if I simply want to be happy? With you or without you is not the question.

I know I sound selfish but you are someone I wish to possess my entire life and I know that it will not happen. I know I will have to let go of you. You have to find your happiness elsewhere. But your eyes will always haunt me, my entire life.

I will never be able to let go of them. You know how I feel about you and I am scared that everyone else does too.