Monday, June 10

Beads of Sweat

Beads of sweat
Fall off your brow
They taste sweet
Against my sweat
The joy of being
Able to taste is heavenly,
Your heart beats against mine
Is the high of head banging
Sweetness of your lips
Is next to nectar of love,
Joy of your touch
On my golden skin
Glows on my face
And brightens my smile,
Touch of your lips
Gives me a high of bliss,
Your breathe against mine
Is my scent of love.
Beads of sweat
Flow over my body
I am drenched and soaked
Yet I am so thirsty,
Your love is what I seek
Forever and ever and ever,
Your beaded sweat
Tastes sweeter than nectar
Your sweat is what I seek
Your beads on my heart

Beads of sweat on my soul.