Sunday, May 19


Thoughts that cross my mind have been told across a zillion times and the come across as clichés or dialogues. But has anyone thought that they might be my real feelings. It might just be that I am going through that block where there is nothing new for to think or write and this phase will pass. The ray of sunlight will peep through the grey clouds and I will smile again as if I had never known any sorrows, until then I wait and search for my smile. It is just a traffic jam not a dead end. Even if, it would have been a dead end I will find my way off and carve my road. Till then I wait for the traffic to clear. I don’t wait for anyone to find me happiness or grant me permission to seek my smile. I know how to find my star. The sole guiding star of mu soul is hidden behind the clouds and the clouds will go. I just have to make a strong wind and all the grays will fly off giving way to my soul star. Till then I wait and work on my way through.