Monday, October 4


Every human emotion, I believe, comes contradictory to the situation. Probably I’m justifying a quote I heard as a child. Here it goes:

“As a rule man is fool
When it is hot he wants cool
When it is cool he wants hot
And always wants what is not”

People always dream of a life that is contradictory to their present state of life or lifestyle. A man working under extreme pressure craves for life with leisure for himself and vice-versa. Why is it that we always aspire for things that are out of our reach? We work so hard to retain something or someone who we think might be taken away or go away on its own accord, but as soon as we feel it is secure our aspirations change.

This could be one of the reasons for the breaking of so many love marriages. Our mindset is designed not to be satiated with any achievement but in want of certain things aren’t we turning ourselves into workaholics? To protect our positions in society, jobs, or people we love – we tend to go down to the menial levels of humanity.

We are becoming similar to the people we actually dislike. We tend to take part in the social gossip just to let them know that we are updated about others lives, when in reality we are least bothered. We develop crab mentality just to drag people to our level of understanding and do not allow them to do anything new or creative.

Was that a part of aspiration when we started? No, we were idealists, decided to create a life on own norms and terms. We wanted to bring about a change on the society but eventually we gave up healthy fighting and started to walk on the common way. We yell around and rant about peace in every politico-economic, but the thirst for power has given birth to terrorism, mass killings, wars, and what not.

I’ve heard many people saying that stagnation is death, but we can also say that stagnation is satisfaction. I’m not advocating that we should stop growing. I’m only saying that growth should be for development and healthy competition. Why do we forget that life is a game of chess, and we need to think new moves to win every time? Old moves are rusted and rotten, and almost everyone knows them. So, be innovative to fight for your aspirations or satisfaction, both ways.