Thursday, September 23


Right now, when I’m writing a serious note on religion then I am being distracted by the most beautiful and selfless person in this world. She sits beside me and laughs - laughter full of mirth and joy and fun. She sings playfully in her own language. It’s such an amazing experience seeing hide behind your back and play Peek-a-Boo. I never knew it could be so much fun. Life has taken a completely new turn after a met her and never believed that a not even two year old kid can change you so much.

Puchkan wearing my Dad's shirt..

Yes, I’m introducing my “adopted” niece Puchkan. Well, she has changed everything that I could think myself to be. I was always friendly with kids of age group 5 to 15 but infants and little kids were never my cup of tea. I never could handle them. They would never come to me in one attempt and I would not even press any further. With her, I learnt patience is the key to handle kids, not only kids but everything else.

She runs around in the house yelling, laughing and doing all acts that we probably can’t even think of. Her language is a mix of two, mine (Hindi) and hers (Adivashi), so she talks in an altogether new lingo. My father, whom she is most attached to, is her father, grandfather, uncle, doctor sahib (dapat sahib), Lalan sahib (naman sahib), and what not. I’m her phuphu and bannu both.

She has taught me to feed her, make her go to sleep, sing for her (and for the first time in my life I am singing well and remembering the lyrics as well), and do everything possible for her under the sun. She repeats everything that I, mom or dad speaks. She will do puja with me and dad, blow the shankh, and chant mantras. Her mantras are awesomely innovative, such as; “Om Bhut aya”, “Om Sunita (her Mom) mara”, “Om Atul (her Father) mara”, and many more.

Well, this write-up can go on for pages if I continue writing. So, I will end it up by writing that she is the best teacher for I’ve got. I love her and she loves me back. Her selfless love and her puppy eyes make me feel so many emotions that I never knew I had until they came. Thanks Puchkan.