Thursday, September 16

Continual changes

Things have changed so much after coming back to home. I’ve observed a lot of changes in me and my behavior – the transition from aggressive me to a mellowed down me. I have probably grown up.

The other day a friend of mine, my classmate in school and is now a mother of two kids, invited me to her house for Gayatri Puja. Considering the fact that I would get bored among the elderly women, I went a little late that is towards the end of it. There, I started to help my friend in giving away tea and snacks to the ladies. I greeted everyone, as at small places you usually know every other person.

All of a sudden, an aunty (a better introduction would my Mathematics teachers wife and mother of another classmate of mine, Jyoti) yelled on top of her voice and ensuring every single soul present at the occasion hears it, “Richa tum itni badi ho gayi hai (Richa, has your stature increased that much)?” I was shell-shocked, stunned, bowled over. Dude, I simply greeted her and given her a cup of teas, and how is that related to my being anything. Was that a crime? Within a second my brain scanned on almost all the possibilities for that comment. I was still gaping at her when she added, “Tum Jyoti ko bulane ka message message bheji thi, ek call nahi kar sakti thi kya (You could have ringed Jyoti instead of sending her a message)?”

Another shock, when did I sent a message? I simply asked, “Kaun sa message (which message)?” She started ranting in her ever rising voice, “B.K.Singh ki misses boli kit tum Jyoti ko bulayi hai. Jab se Jyoti ayi hai tab se uska tabiyat kharab hai aur who ghar se bahar bhi nahi nikli hai…Blah…Blah… (Mrs. B.K.Singh said that you had called Jyoti home. Since the time she has come back, she is not keeping well and has not stepped out of the house…)” I barged in, “Aunty, pehla to mujhe malum nahi tha ki Jyoti ayi hui hai aur dusra maine koi message nahi bhijwaya tha kisi se (Aunty, firstly I never knew Jyoti has also come and secondly I never sent any message from anyone).” On that, she continued her sing-song about her daughter and her bad health.

My mom was with me but was sitting in the far corner busy in conversation with someone else. So she missed the first half of this controversial discussion. She started to ask me about what happened. I simply told her nothing much as she already sounded pissed at her sing-song with me too being a part of the subject. If not done that way, she would turned Seema’s house into a battle ground for Jyoti’s mother cribbing anything about me and the other woman is sort of a fight monger. Of course, my Mom is possessive about me, I’m her first born.

As a matter of fact, I was surprised at my response there – calm and calculated. The matter could have worsened and lead to a huge fight if I would have said anything on the nastier side. For the first time in my life, I really responded to a situation instead of reacting to it. If this should have happened some years back, I would have humiliated that woman by blurting out some not so good remarks. That reaction would have shut her trap but probably later other women would have snickered about it behind my mom’s back for my rude behavior.

I realized that I’ve mellowed down a lot, learnt calm after so many adventurous happenings in my life. The sea finally learnt that despite all the power she possesses, she can’t break the shore – she has to come back. I have not given up fighting at all, but have learnt how to strategize and hit back.