Tuesday, September 14

Sounds That Follow Trails Of Unspoken Thoughts…


Just thinking…nothing specific…they are a series of itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny thoughts…just correlated to each other in some or the other way…but the start and the end are absolutely different…the threads are entwined to each other in a simple yet complex way…they are beautiful…they are just there with you forever in your sub-conscious mind…

I am lying on my bed and trying really hard to get some sleep, but I am insomniac and it is really difficult to drift into slumber for me until dawn breaks. I can hear the cars moving on the road, buses honking at the occasional cyclewalas appearing on the road, local trains coming and going from the nearest railway station, the dogs barking outside, the sound of water leaking from the tap in the kitchen sink, the buzzing of occasional mosquitoes near my ears, the rotation of fan over my head.

Of all the sounds, the moving train catches hold of my attention. The sound makes me waver into the realms of thoughts that very rarely surface up. Train for me is always associated with long journeys, traveling to known and unknown places. Destinations never made much of a sense. They just exist for the sake of existence, probably just to make me realize how far I have traveled. Trains are pieces of parts of my heart put together like a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces (every bit of journey done) are related to each other with dividing lines prominently visible.

Journey can be so much fun with seeing new places and meeting new people. I met a friend of mine in train to Guwahati. I am pretty lucky with friends they actually spin the thread of your life and make it worthwhile, but all my friends, these days, stay out and we rarely get chance to meet each other. I spoke to few of my friends (blog link) some months back and it was an amazing experience. Probably the advent of mobile phones has reduced distances but does the feeling of being close with your friends helped by calling them. I miss their presence at times, some worthwhile friends they were. Well too many things running in my head so I think I should conclude it here.