Friday, October 8

Your Heart

This poem is based on a statement “I wish to reach your heart”, told by someone to me. So I dedicate this poem to you “my inspiration”. How I wish I could link you here, but I can’t.

Your heart is where I wish to reach
You seem so close
I can touch you in my dreams
But your heart is so far
It seems like the horizon
More I walk towards it
More distant it seems
Your heart seems unfathomable
I wish to see its depth
I wish to listen to its waves
I wish to listen to its woes
I wish to listen to its smile
I wish to listen to its stories

Your heart is where I wish to reach
Does it have an other side that you wish to hide?
Is it pain that you hide?
Are you scared to show your love?
I’ve all the love for you
Come to me my love
Your heart is where I wish to reach
To erase all the pain you bore
I believe, I can fill your heart with my love
I wish to release you of you hold back
Why do you keep me at bay?
I keep colliding with the wall around your heart
What you hold back are – ghosts of past
I can show you a new world of love
But let through those barriers
- Shed the secrets
- Shed the inhibitions
This is no play my love,
I promise, no heartbreaks,
I promise, no pain
I promise, an everlasting smile
Only, your heart is where I wish to reach


  1. Wow that's beautiful.. Can I copy it..
    I'll say that to my GF/wife to impress her...
    I so much wanted to share the same feelings to her but couldn't find words..

    You said that beautifully... IF u want I will pay for the copyright... becoz it is as if someone is speaking my thoughts for me... PLZ

  2. Sory huni u cant copy it...neither it's fr sale...u cn very well link it...its gonna make a wonderful song is nt it...perfect to convey everyone's feeling...u can still dedicate this to ur gal...