Tuesday, March 20


Whips of wishes lash my heart
- It bleeds and the flesh
But does it really hurt
I don’t feel any kind of pain
There’s an ambiguous feel in head
I give up my joys to whips
Every second passes by in anticipation
Now that I await for pain
- It will come – I know for sure
But till when do I get lashed
Till when I bear the whip
My heart is cut into million pieces
It’s hemorrhaged –
Probably death will come before pain
Unsure of what I await
I continue getting whipped.


  1. Pain cleanses and reforms the soul...
    Peace will come at the end of pain...
    May the soul has the courage to fight the chaos...
    And open the heart to the new light, glimmering and soothing...

  2. It sounded like me...very well written...
    i cud feel it:(