Friday, March 2


Something had been amiss through the day for Anwesha. She sat at the windowsill looking out of her window. She could see the vehicles scurrying at their own pace and the dreary grey buildings standing in the foggy cold day. Till her eyes could see on the horizon, it was all painted in a shade of dull grey with the cold and fog. Even the trees had turned to a shade of grey to match up the dreariness of her thoughts. Nothing seems changed, so what has changed in their relationship. Why does Rajiv not trust her anymore? Why did the ghosts of mistrust started to haunt him when things are so plainly in view? She has never been infidel to him. He had always been the most loved part of her life. He had been an essential part of hers ever since they were in a relationship.

Rajiv had started to see ghosts of infidelity haunting his dreams.  There was no explanation for why the ghosts did haunt him. Is it so difficult to have faith in the person you love? People claim to bare their souls to each other in love, so where does mistrust fit in between two souls communicating. His ghosts will haunt him till his heart gets hollow, completely devoid of love, does he not understand that. These termites will lead to the fall of a beautiful relation they shared.

Anwesha thought that probably the termite eaten building of their love will survive this grey winter but when the rain comes, every part of the building will wither away with it. She will have to let go of Rajiv for him to survive. He will kill himself with the guilt of abusing her every time they fight. It hurts him to abuse her, but he has to vent out his frustration somewhere. She will let go of him.

She loves him too much too see him hurt himself. Good bye love, you will always remain in my heart but I no longer have that space in your life, thought Anwesha and she could see the grey weather clearing up as the sun rose