Sunday, March 4

A Walk To Remember

We were walking on a road – hands in hands - and I could see myself smiling. It was one of those carefree smiles that you always wanted to see on my face. There was a sense of satisfaction in your gait – I just could not point a finger at what you actually were feeling but I assumed it to be something related with my smile.

We were walking on a road that was unusually calm. I could only see a few people scurrying on their business, but otherwise the street was silent. You were pointing towards something that was not very clear to me. You were explaining its importance. To be honest I could not make a head or a tail about it, but it was good to listen to you. I was looking at your expressions changing with every statement and your lips changing shape with every word you spoke. It was fascinating and I have always stared at your lips when you spoke to me.

After some time of talking, you probably realized that I was not listening but staring intently at you, so you started making funny faces like I always used to do. And I laughed out loud. You beamed at the sound of my laughter and gave a small smile that just about said a lot of things that you could not put in your words. I looked around the streets and asked you that why is it so empty today? It usually is a very crowded street, and today being a Sunday it should be all the more crowded. You simply smiled and said, “I just wanted to make your dream walk even more beautiful.”

Yes, I remember telling you that I wanted to see this road empty so that I could walk with you for once without being harassed by the honks and passer- bys. I hugged you to say thanks, but you slipped out of my arms and started to go away. I tried holding you but you started to seem very far and continuously drifting away from me. You vanished into thin air.

I woke up drenched in sweat. It was a dream. You always wanted to come in my dreams. You gave me a walk to remember in my dream.