Tuesday, December 28


It was her fault that lead to end of their relationship. She could not fight for him; she had to stand opposite and defend someone else who was more important. Raji could not contain herself when Nitesh called her a back stabber. She could not find a reason for it. She asked, but all she got was anger, hatred and nasty sarcasm from him. She tried to reason but it fell on deaf ears.

It was all a part of the joke being carried forward from one person to the other. Why was it that difficult to understand? One person got fired earlier and now it’s me, but I never wanted to lose you. Nitesh didn’t know about Aseem and his presence in Raji’s life that why he blasted her using offensive words, which were unbearable for any husband. Aseem was protecting Raji, and so was Raji.

How can love get nasty? Why can’t it just be contained as a good feeling? She lost Nitesh, forever, when she wanted to hold him and tell him that she is sorry for the miscommunication. She could not. When she needed her best friend to remain, he went. Aseem felt her pain and stepped forward to apologize to Nitesh, but she could not let her husband down in front of her friend. She fought for him after all. She had to choose and she chose Aseem.

Raji was in pain, and there was none to share it. Her husband used to be her friend once upon a time, now it was difficult for her to talk even to him. She wanted to hold Aseem and cry at her loss but she was not sure if he would understand her dilemma. She thought it might create trouble in her relation so she contained it. How she wished that the events in the past two days could be undone.

But alas! She had chosen to burn it at her own will. Phoenix’s are imaginary.