Friday, June 11

WOW! A day of fun

I had an amazing start to my day today. Got up really fresh after a really long time. I should remind myself to keep my cell switched off every night. Well, to start my day, I did not get a place to sit in the bus, so had to cover half the journey standing. On top of that, we had a group of "just out college" kids (probably first day of their jobs), who thought that there father might have gifted them the bus in order to succumb to one of their stupid tantrums. They were yelling on the "Mount Everest" of their voices, passing nasty remarks on things and people around them and what not.

For once, I thought of giving them a piece of my mind, but I decided against it. Do hell with them. They will realize and understand on their own. After some time, we got stuck in the got damn “Mumbai in rains” traffic and it took our bus 50 minutes, only to cross the stretch between SEEPZ and Jogeshwari. I finally reached near my office, but the bus stopped in some godforsaken place and asked us to get down there, as the bus has changed its routes. Oh wow! I was already late so I took an auto and reached office.

Here it was some more of fun waiting for me. I was notified that I have to go for a client meeting at 3:00 pm. Trust me I was nervous – first client meeting of my life in this company. It went well but on going there I realized that I was not needed there. it was just a miscommunication. The only words I spoke in the whole meeting were “ya, that's true”. And, I had to come back to office after the meeting. Great, isn't it? I don't feel like working now but I have to.

But, despite all this, I am feeling really good about the day. I am happy and I feel so good. I guess that's all because of a good sleep. May I feel like this always. Amen.