Monday, June 7


I am feeling really happy since morning today. I am learning my lessons really fast. I learnt that if I am happy then nothing can bug me and disturb. I dreamt that I had a fight with my company's HR, funny because she is a sweetheart. I can't fight with her. I got up laughing in the morning. Probably that made my day.

I am feeling like I am walking on the moon just light and gravity free. It came to head to play a prank on somebody, but I could not come up with any sweet idea...but I will by tomorrow and then will apply it. It is a good feeling to be so light and to have finally decided on what is to be done to get rid of the pain.

So, till the time the pain goes, I have promised myself to be happy and never beg God or anyone for happiness. They do not give you anything. They make you hard instead and I already am made of stone. So, Hakuna Matata....parap pap para...Timon and Pumba...hahaha...