Sunday, November 18

Life Without Your Smile

The first ray of sun peeps through my window to wake me up. I smile with your smile – It’s sheer joy and plain happiness that I gain out of it. The strength I derive out of it is Life.

I wonder what my world would be without that smile of yours - A damp dark room with roaches running all over. -The moldy stench that rots every living thing in vicinity. The cold shiver creeping in from the cracks in the floor will reach the core of warmth in me and will kill the flame.

I never knew what your smile was worth until today, when my heart ailed to see it gone. Gone, as I was the reason for your sadness. You smiled when I asked you for it, but it never had the warmth of the brown that your eyes carry.

My world will go vacant without your smile. My strength will fail – m y brightness will fail – my entire existence will fail. There will just be a scar remaining on my face in the name of smile. There won’t be any more sunrises to brighten my mornings. There won’t be any joy in my mischiefs. The sparkle of my eyes will be lost.

I wonder, where would life be or would it worth be living – A LIFE WITHOUT YOUR SMILE.