Wednesday, February 1

Life is SIMPLE

Life is all about simplicity. We make things complicated and we tend to spend all our lives trying to sort the mess out. We keep cursing on life being so complicated. Why do we not understand the beauty of smaller things? There is a child standing and smiling at you but we choose to ignore it – Why? We tend to ignore those little talks with our siblings that we used to enjoy as kids – Why? Those fights with friends that happened and forgotten the next minute - why do we stretch them to their limits of breaking down now? Yes we have grown up.

We are busy with all those shitty little things that we do naming it to be Work… we have forgotten to prioritize things. Why forget the simpler things in life that made us so lively and beautiful? We don’t have time for family, friends and every other important thing. The smile of your loved ones when they waited for you to come home and have meals together…Now we have dinners at work and we stay out late. Certain problems that we could talk to friends or family and search solutions for it – now we choose to keep them with ourselves.

We used to giggle about break-ups and cheer our friends up saying that person was not suitable - now what we see is a marriage falling apart. As we have grown up – so we thought why not our problems should and we let them grow up to be mountain. Or have just shrunken our point of views to perceive a molehill that huge. I guess it’s our attitude that has changed. People talk about New Year resolutions but have you ever thought that it’s just another day and nothing has changed apart from our perception towards that new thing.

None of the things have changed. It’s just the matter of priorities and perceptions. Perception is not reality. Check out the reality – It’s very simple and still very beautiful. Life is simple and beautiful. Nothing can damage its charm save your own perception. You still have the time to simple things down. Talk to people you once called your own, maybe it’s your lack of importance that made them go away in the first place. Step out of your cocoon of self indulgence and see the many beauties that lie in simplicity.

Yes, Life is very Simple – You just need to open your eyes.