Monday, January 30

My tears and my pain

My chest ebbs with pain
I know there is more to come
It is there to haunt me forever
Like air it’s ever present
Unseen but felt with every breath
Eyes don’t help me see it
But my heart feels it every minute
Tears stream down my cheeks
Salt cuts through the skin
Eyes won’t ever get parched
This pain will never go
It hurts to breathe every time
Let me have my piece of solace
Let me have my share of joy
Where has my smile vanished
Pain vanquished it to shreds
These shreds are all I have
My heart beats in pain
It will never leave me alone
It has become my partner for life
My tears and my pain
The unseen ubiquitous part of me
I am the princess of this world
A world of miseries that I live
They will always be there
To welcome on my doorsteps
A smile is what I seek
Perhaps am blaming the wolf
But I have to fight my ghosts
I feel to have lost the battle
Forever - now I have my trophy
My tears and my pain