Monday, May 16

Some more of Nostalgia…

There are zillions of colors in millions of trivial thoughts running on the racetrack of my mind. Some thoughts relate me to a certain memory, of a certain event, that I might have been very fond of as a child or may be even when I grew up. I walk barefoot on the lush lawns of those moments. I guess I have walked past long miles to see you standing in one of those sweet-sour memories.

I remembered that it was of a day when I had laughed the most. I was rolling on the grass in the garden and trying to tell you stop making me laugh. My stomach was hurting and I was still not able resist my laughter. I could see the sparkle of my laughter in your eyes. It happened a long time back and I have walked past that age. I don’t know how to go back in time and find those moments.

These are the times when I wish life could just turn back and reach to all those nooks and corners that we missed to look by when in time. Those were the times when I had never thought of you as my world but those were the times that I felt so wonderful being with you. But I looked forward to meet you every evening after the daily chores were over and I never understood why I looked forward to it.

If it could happen that I would go back and see those moments of loneliness I that I spent missing you and walking on my terrace, waiting for you to come by. The way you tickled my ears and pulled my cheeks are my wishes again but time does not turn back and so I walk ahead with vivid memories playing in front on my eyes.

A fresh dewy feeling on my heels after walking barefoot on the damp thoughts has made realize that I have come very far from them. Probably, I have aged with time and hardened even wizened may be, but the heart is still innocent.