Tuesday, March 22


After a long time, I felt like writing today. I cried a lot last evening thinking about what I am doing with my life. I came to realize that I had stated to spin my life around a fancy that was never to exist for me. I have to work all my life. I can’t afford to live such a laid back life of doing nothing and simply cribbing about what’s lost.

I have stopped writing altogether – that what makes my life worthwhile – I had stopped doing it. I have written so many short stories but they are not worth the effort of publishing. I am resurfacing with a firm decision that now it’s my turn to dictate my life. I won’t take anyone’s term to rule me. I have a lot sensible people to guide my efforts to the correct path. Let’s start a new life.

New ME is to welcome the changes. I am no housewife to crib & cry and I have no future as one. So why waste myself. I love you Richa Vani. Welcome back love.