Thursday, March 31

Bleed Blue.....alright.....But make sure u get d shade right...

A friend of mine, Auyon Acharya, had put this statement on his Facebook profile as his status update and I found it really interesting to put it up as a part of my blog. Thanks Auyon, but since you don't write but make films, I can't tag you on my blog – I put it up for you on FB as well.

So, here is the platter of food that graduated from the above mentioned recipe for thought and is spread for you to taste and give opinions.

I am a Cricket Fan, and when I didn't get to watch India's batting 'due to office '– I felt miserable. Precisely on the verge of crying that I will miss watching My Team in action. I could have chased scores online and would have been happy about it, had it been any other country playing against us, but the reason of yesterday's reaction was caused by “The India vs. Pakistan Clash”.

Ok I'm not the only crazy one. Mumbai, Delhi, B'lore, Hyderabad and many other cities were almost Bandh for the occasion of this match. Corporates shut down themselves or arranged Television screens for their employees to enjoy the match together. I finally escaped work an hour to find myself walking on curfew decreed streets and the usual traffic filled roads were eerily vacant. It suddenly felt something was really wrong, but no it was not.

The Facebook status' kept on getting updated with the latest scores and things like what's happening on field. Someone who cud just be online on FB would know the game status. By the way, with the grace of my office folks (No sarcasm intended) I got to see the last over batted by India and the whole of Pakistan's innings. I was on my toes towards the end of the match. Whoa!! that was some excitement people.

Its really hard to count how many nails were bitten, how many plates food (read samosas, pakodes & other misc starters) got washed down with the countless glasses of beers or soft drinks, how many pillows got torn, how many remote controls broken and how many other 'How Many's” during the ultimate tussle of The Indo-Pak war game.

And then India WON!!!

The happiness and joy knew no bounds. The expressions and celebrations post match are not be described in words. They fail me. It felt like Diwali in March. A realization stuck me that we are a part of the cricket crazy nation and the designation is absolutely rightful with no exaggeration in any respect. Saw the unity of crowd and its not wrong to say that cricket runs in the very veins of our bodies. It's not just a game for us, especially when it comes to Pakistan, it becomes our religion. It's either do or die.

Finally, I'm at a little peace today that we are in the finals with Sri Lanka. So, now we wait for the Ram (read India) and Ravan (read Lanka) final match in Wankhede Stadium. We pray and we cheer to encourage our team to make our country proud. It's time to bleed blue, but remember even Lankans are a shade in blue, so be clear about your shade in there.