Wednesday, July 28


My hands shiver
Goosebumps tickle
Senses are alert
Brain seems restless
Heart pumps hard –
All these run-
It’s ongoing-
Reason is unknown
Butterflies tickle
Flying in the stomach
A sinking feeling
Numbs the surroundings.
Reality seeps,
I’ll miss people,
My life, my love,
I’ll miss you.
I’ll be gone
Far off from your reach
And time will pass.
But I’ll come
Back to this world.
Will you remember me?
I don’t think so
I’ll be your part
But of distant past
Probably, the past life.
I’m going back
To my own home,
To God’s lap,
To my life.
When I revive back
I’ll remember you,
I’ll love you,
You’ll forever remain
As a part of me
Even in my new life.
It will be a new birth
A new life.
A part of past life
Will only be you.