Wednesday, July 28

Long absence and resurrection with enlightenment...

Its ages, since I have written something on my blog so, I wanted to write a few things here and there, as I am in no mood to write anything creative or new. The past few days of my life, to be precise-the last month, saw almost both the extremes of emotions. I was on the verge of breaking down with bad depressing thoughts and then I brought myself back to the reality. I realized that feeling sad and holding on to devastating thoughts was so much easier than letting them go. “Let go” was one mantra everybody gave me, but never did anyone try to understand that it is so difficult to do so. I tried to do something that was never expected of “Richa Vani”.

However, something or rather people around me made me realize that I was way more important and this was not the end of my life. I am precious to so many people and they depend on me, look up to me for strength – and I can’t give up. They made me revive my strength and pull back to life, what the medications could not do. I laughed after so many days and was really surprised to listen to the ring in my laughter. It sounded fun, and it was then that I understood I will never be sad again.

It might sound like “Gyaan or Cliche”, but it is the basic rule that no one has the right to hurt you until you give them that and if they hurt you after you gave them the right then they are misusing it. Hence, they are not worth deserving your love. So, everyone on this planet has the right to be happy and merry.

For me, there are so many people who love me and I am their centre of universe, so I live to be happy forever and spread the same. This period of trouble actually brought in picture the reality of few people and now their absence is so appreciated. People who stick to you during your rough patches are your true friends. Some left for good and their absence is so appreciated (guys don’t ever come back or else you will be royally humiliated).

Well, am really happy and lucky to have so many people around me who love for no reason or selfish interest. They just need me to be around them so that they can love me all the more. Everybody has someone who loves them unconditionally so keep them close.

Love you people for loving me so much and bringing me back to life full of joys and happiness... I am proud to be a part of your lives.