Friday, October 30


I’m difficult

Too difficult to handle

Too difficult to understand

The thoughts flow so easily

But the script seems different

The reading is complicated

I am difficult

But nobody has tried

Nobody has even thought

That only language could be different

I can be deciphered

I can be handled as well

Because everybody wants to se me

As I am difficult


  1. I agree dat YOU ARE DIFFICULT!!!
    Yes i agree dat.:)

  2. ya i realized that i am difficult with people around me notifying that ;)
    Thanks for the comments...

  3. I disagree.. with the poem completely!!!

    Whatever you said in the poem no longer holds true

  4. Is it Ashi....try n figure things out without making an effort of coaxing them out of me...U r my best fren bt u still troubls making me it nt diffclt thn..

  5. U r lucky I am jus coaxin.. If I want you will speak like a parrot... dumbo.. Popat ki tarah bolegi...

    "Haan Kya?" you will say...

    So predictable dumbo..

    Madam have u heard a phrase called "emotional blackmail" ???

    There are things that I would like you to share with me... but I don't want to blackmail you into doing it.

    Nothing Against Free Will!!! Remember

    Call it coaxing, persuasion or encouragement whatever you like but Everybody needs them some or the other time ( for the greater good!!)

  6. U either over-rate urself or under-rate Richa Vani big time...

  7. I do neither.. and u know that...

  8. I further comments...